Welcome to the research archive of YouthMovement.org (formerly youthmovements.org - I gave up the previous domain for a good cause)

The documents on this website were prepared by Jonah Wittkamper and are largely related to youth participation in global decision-making.

Jonah Wittkamper was a co-founder of the Global Youth Action Network, which has merged into TakingITGlobal - the largest online community dedicated to youth-led social change.

1. A global guide to the youth movement - (produced in 2002)

2. Youth participation in global decision-making - Report and strategy - (produced in 2003)

3. A proposal for local youth movements - (produced in 2002)

4. Article I published on De-Fragmenting Youth Movements and a Youth Paricipation Index - (produced in 2006)

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Can our generation unite? Politically? Globally?

Near the end of his life Einstein called for a universal religion and a world youth parliament. Read more here and here.

1. A World Youth Council? Written in 2003, this document tells some history of the global youth movement and outlines strategies for global collaboration and political influence. Read more...

3. Local level action toward this vision? This video shows what youth-unity-in-diversity and collaborative politics can look like. It took place in 2004, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Watch...

4. How could all this get funded? Maybe this...?

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